At that time, Zichen's soul will be assimilated. In this way, Yuan Shikai was also equivalent to leaving Beiyang. This guy was promoted to the ninth grade in the heaven and earth furnace. It has been only a few hun What's more irritating is that ten of the warriors who have already received the settlement fee If he is isolated from others, he will not offend the group. In the middle of the war, you will join the original fire group. Who is Tang Zheng? At least he has been in the society for two years. He can have the power of ancient saints. Xiao Ping and Zhang Yuxin were all surprised when the little girl said this. Seeing Jing Tian frown, knowing that the boss doesn't like to use her ability in this world, Emm Mushan is holding the mind of cultivating Lanbin, so this kind of thing will not be hidden from Lanb Jinmu is crazy and arrogant, but he is not stupid. Therefore, his eyes are on the cult leader Jian q It seems that it has something to do with the practice of magic Of course, what they all envy is Xia Shihan. Feng Zi was the only one with no big news. When the bucket of water was pumped up, Liu Qingyu smelled a strong pungent smell. What really made No. 1 couldn't hold back, and laughed wildly again. "Yue Zhong, you know yourself very well. If The vibration frequency was very low at first, and then it expanded a large area, and the whole spac

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